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BloodRayne woof! 2006 (R)

There are moments in this painful period vampire “epic” where you honestly have to wonder if director Uwe Boll was aware that the camera was rolling. Whatever the excuse, Boll's latest video game movie proves that even sex, gore, and violence can be boring in the hands of the right director. Rayne (Loken) is a half-vampire, half-human warrior who's out to stop her illegitimate father, Kagin (Kingsley), the king of vampires, from… sigh, bored yet? You will be. Even the cast looks half-asleep. (Madsen and Kingsley take “phoning it in” to a new and scary level.) But nothing beats the barely rehearsed fight scenes. A community theatre production of “Braveheart” would have more convincing stage combat. 95m/C DVD . GE US Kristanna Loken, Michael Madsen, Matthew Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Ben Kingsley, Will Sanderson, Udo Kier, Meat Loaf Aday, Michael Pare, Billy Zane, Geraldine Chaplin; D: Uwe Boll; W: Guinevere Turner; C: Mathias Neumann; M: Henning Lohner.