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Biozombie ★★½ 1998

Playing as a mixture of “Mallrats” and “Dawn of the Dead,” this Hong Kong import is aimed squarely at a Generation-X audience. The film introduces us to Woody (Jordan Chan) and Bee (Sam Lee), two slackers who work at a video store. While on an errand to pick up their boss's car, they hit a strange pedestrian and take him back to the mall. This stranger turns out to be a zombie, and he soon infects several others. With the mall locked up for the night, Woody and Bee must take it upon themselves to protect the few humans remaining…while doing the least amount of work possible. The film turns into a true rollercoaster ride, as we start with the comedic opening, then move into the actionhorror, and finally, a very nihilistic ending. 94m/C DVD . HK Jordan Chan, Sam Lee; D: Wilson (WaiShun) Yip.