Beer League

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Beer League ★ Artie Lange's Beer League 2006 (R)

Howard Stern sidekick Lange sticks to his booze, smokes, and broads persona as Artie DeVanzo, the head of a lousy New Jersey softball team at war with their perennial winning crosstown rivals. The deadbeat team of losers can't win a game, but that's okay, they've got beer and brawls. Except that the local law is fed up and demands the team either win or be forced to disband. Oh, the horror. If you actually know who Lange is, you know what to expect, and criticism is beside the point. Sit back and have another beer. 86m/C DVD . US Artie Lange, Ralph Macchio, Anthony De Sando, Seymour Cassel, Cara Buona, Jimmy Palumbo, Joe Lo Truglio, Laurie Metcalf; D: Frank Sebastiano; W: Frank Sebastiano; C: David Phillips; M: B.C. Smith.