Beecher, Donald A(llen)

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BEECHER, Donald A(llen)

BEECHER, Donald A(llen). Canadian (born United States), b. 1942. Genres: Humanities, Intellectual history, Literary criticism and history, Music, Theatre. Career: Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, lecturer, 1967-69, assistant professor, 1969-80, associate professor, 1980-87, professor of English, 1987-, director of Centre for Renaissance Studies, 1978-. Director, Dovehouse Editions; lecturer at universities. Visiting lecturer or fellow: Chiba University, Japan, 1999-2001; Jacksonville State University, AL, 2001; UCLA Center for Renaissance Studies, 2001; University of Victoria, BC. Publications: EDITOR: (and trans. and author of intro.) O. de Turnebe, Satisfaction All Around: Les contens, 1979; (with B. Gillingham) C. Simpson, Divisions for Treble, Bass Viol, and Keyboard, 1979; (and trans. with M. Ciavolella, and coauthor of intro.) A. Caro, The Scruffy Scoundrels: Gli straccioni, 1981; (and trans. with Ciavolella, and coauthor of intro.) G. Bernini, The Impresario, 1985; (with Ciavolella) Comparative Critical Approaches to Renaissance Comedy, 1986; (with Ciavolella and trans.) A Treatise on Love, Part I: Jacques Ferrand and the Tradition of Erotic Melancholy in Western Culture, Part II: Jacques Ferrand, Of Lovesickness or Erotic Melancholy, 1989; (with Ciavolella) Eros and Anteros, 1992; B. Riche, The Farewell to Military Profession, 1992; (and trans., with Ciavolella, and coauthor of intro.) L. de Sommi, The Three Sisters, 1993; (with U. Rappen) W. Young, 29 Movements in the French Style for Bass Viol Solo, 1993; Anon, The Dialogue between Solomon and Marcolphus, 1994; T. Lodge, Rosalind, 1996; Ariosto/Gascoigne, Supposes, 1998; G.B. della Porta, The Sister, 2000; T. Overbury, Characters, 2002; (and trans.) Calderon, The Phantom Lady, 2001; (with J. Butler and C. Di Biase) The Fables of Bidpai, 2002. Address: Dept of English, Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Dr, Ottawa, ON, Canada K1S 5B6. Online address: [email protected]