Bed and Board

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Bed and Board ★★★ Domicile Conjugal 1970

The fourth film in the Antoine Doinel (Leaud) cycle finds him marrying Christine (Jade) and becoming a father. The responsibilities of adulthood upset him so much that Antoine leaves his new family and begins an affair. French with subtitles. 100m/C VHS, DVD . FR JeanPierre Leaud, Claude Jade, Barbara Laage, Hiroko Berghauer, Daniel Boulanger, Pierre Maguelon, Jacques Jouanneau, Jacques Rispal, Jacques Robiolles, Pierre Fabre, Billy Kearns, Daniel Ceccaldi, Daniele Girard, Claire Duhamel, Sylvana Blasi, Claude Vega, Christian de Tiliere, Annick Asty, Marianne Piketi, Guy Pierauld, Marie Dedieu, Marie Irakane, Yvon Lec, Ernest Menzer, Christophe Vesque; D: Francois Truffaut; W: Francois Truffaut, Bernard Revon, Claude de Givray; C: Nestor Almendros; M: Antoine Duhamel.