Beat Girl

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Beat Girl ★★ Wild for Kicks 1960

Pouty rebellious teen Jennifer (Hill) spends her days in art school and her nights at a London beat hangout. She's jealous when daddy (Farrar) marries sexy French Nichole (Adam) and plots to break them up. When Jennifer discovers Nichole's sordid past she winds up in a burlesque club, attracting the unsavory attentions of owner Kenny (Lee). Then Kenny winds up dead. Singer Adam Faith performs and Reed has a bit as a youthful tough. 85m/B VHS, DVD . GB Gillian Hills, David Farrar, Noelle Adam, Christopher Lee, Shirley Anne Field, Oliver Reed, Nada Beall, Adam Faith, Nigel Green, Claire Gordon; D: Edmond T. Greville; W: Dail Ambler; C: Walter Lassally; M: John Barry.