Barker, Philip

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BARKER, Philip

BARKER, Philip. British/Canadian, b. 1929. Genres: Psychiatry. Career: Professor of Psychiatry and Paediatrics, University of Calgary, and Psychiatrist, Albert Children's Hospital, Calgary, since 1980, now emeritus. Consultant, Dundee Child Psychiatry Service, 1962-67; Lecturer University of St. Andrews, 1962-69; Consultant, Burns Clinic, Birmingham, and Lecturer, University of Birmingham, 1967-75; Director of Inpatient Services, 1975-79, and Director of Psychiatric Education, 1979-80, Thistletoun Regional Centre, Toronto; Professor of Psychiatry, Univ of Toronto, 1975-80. Ed., Journal of the Associate of Workers for Maladjusted Children, 1978-80. Publications: Basic Child Psychiatry, 1971, 6th ed., 1995; Care Can Prevent, 1973; (ed.) The Residential Psychiatric Treatment of Children, 1974; Basic Family Therapy, 1981, 4th ed., 1998; Using Metaphors in Psychotherapy, 1985; Clinical Interviews with Children and Adolescents, 1990; Psychotherapeutic Metaphors: A Guide to Theory and Practice, 1996. Address: 2217 23rd St SW, Calgary, AB, Canada T2T 5H6. Online address: [email protected]