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The Anderson Tapes ★★★ 1971 (PG)

Newly released from prison, an ex-con assembles his professional pals and plans the million-dollar robbery of an entire luxury apartment house on NYC's upper east side. Of course, he's unaware that a hoard of law men from federal, state, and local agencies are recording their activities for a wide variety of reasons, though none of the surveillance is coordinated and it has nothing to do with the planned robbery. Based on the novel by Lawrence Sanders, the intricate caper is effectively shaped by Lumet, who skillfully integrates broad satire with suspense. Shot on location in New York City. Walken is The Kid, his first major role. 100m/C VHS . Sean Connery, Dyan Cannon, Martin Balsam, Christopher Walken, Alan King, Ralph Meeker, Garrett Morris, Margaret Hamilton, Val Avery, Dick Anthony Williams, Richard B. Shull, Conrad Bain, Paul Benjamin; D: Sidney Lumet; W: Frank Pierson; M: Quincy Jones.

The Anderson Tapes

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