Alvin Purple

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Alvin Purple ★½ 1973 (R)

Pedestrian comedy about a Mr. Purple, an ordinary Aussie who sells waterbeds and is for some reason constantly being pursued by throngs of sexually insatiable women. Fortunately, he too enjoys sex, even though complications abound. Sexual situations, double entendres, and a script that aims for cleverness (but rarely attains it) somehow made the lust romp a hit in its native Australia, while worldwide it helped establish a market for Down Under cinema. Shot in Melbourne, and followed by “Alvin Rides Again.” 97m/C VHS . AU Graeme Blundell, George Whaley, Ellie MacLure, Penne Hack-forth-Jones; D: Tim Burstall; W: Alan Finney, Alan Hopgood, Tim Burstall.

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Alvin Purple

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