Almost Strangers

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Almost Strangers ★★★ Perfect Strangers 2001

Compelling thriller about family ties. Ernest Symon (Howell) arranges a complicated three-day family reunion at a London hotel, which is reluctantly attended by black sheep Raymond (Gambon) and his curious son Daniel (Macfadyen). Both see family photos of events neither of them can remember and then Daniel meets his up-to-no-good cousins Rebecca (Skinner) and Charles (Stephens). Are those family skeletons we hear rattling? 237m/C DVD . GB Michael Gambon, Matthew MacFadyen, Claire Skinner, Toby Stephens, Lindsay Duncan, Peter Howell, Anton Lesser; D: Stephen Poliakoff; W: Stephen Poliakoff; C: Cinders Forshaw; M: Adrian Johnston. TV