75 Degrees

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75 Degrees ★★½ 75 Degrees in July2000

A family reunion leads to the reopening of old wounds in this downbeat drama. Letty Anderson (Silas) visits her family's Texas ranch to see her parents and married sister, Kay (Swedberg). Letty is a successful artist with a show at a local gallery and Kay is resentful because their manipulative mother, Jo Beth (Knight), squashed her dreams of becoming a singer. Instead, Kay takes her frustrations out on ranch foreman hubby Jed (Moses), who has his own problems with her family. Jo Beth's husband, Rick (Yulin), is neglectful and callous and treats everyone badly. Not exactly a family you'd want to spend a lot of time with, although the cast is compelling. 98m/C DVD . Heidi Swedberg, Harris Yulin, Shirley Knight, William R. Moses, Karen Silas; D: Hyatt Bass; W: Hyatt Bass; C: Michael Barrett; M: Stephen (Steve) Edwards.