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parmesan English (and French) name for the hard Italian cheese parmigiana reggiano. Made from semi‐skimmed cow's milk cooked with rennet, and dried for six months. When at least 2 years old it is called vecchio; stravecchio is 3 years old; stravecchione, 4 years old. It is hard and usually served on dishes grated; it cooks without becoming sticky. A 25‐g portion is a rich source of calcium, a good source of protein, a source of vitamin A and niacin, contains 8 g of fat and 250 mg of sodium, and supplies 110 kcal (460 kJ).


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Par·me·san / ˈpärməˌzän/ • n. a hard, dry cheese used in grated form, esp. on Italian dishes.


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Parmesan epithet of a cheese made in the province of Parma and elsewhere in N. Italy. — F. — It. parmigiano, f. Parma.