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wet / wet/ • adj. (wet·ter , wet·test ) 1. covered or saturated with water or another liquid: she followed, slipping on the wet rock. ∎  (of the weather) rainy: a wet, windy evening. ∎  (of paint, ink, plaster, or a similar substance) not yet having dried or hardened. ∎  (of a baby or young child) having urinated in its diaper or underwear. ∎  involving the use of water or liquid: wet methods of photography. 2. inf. (of a country or region or of its legislation) allowing the sale of alcoholic beverages. ∎  (of a person) addicted to alcohol. 3. Brit., inf. showing a lack of forcefulness or strength of character; feeble: they thought the cadets were a bit wet. • v. (wet·ting ; past and past part. wet or wet·ted ) [tr.] cover or touch with liquid; moisten: he wet a finger and flicked through the pages | [as n.] (wetting) the wetting caused an aggravation of his gout. ∎  (esp. of a baby or young child) urinate in or on: the child wet the bed. ∎  (wet oneself) urinate involuntarily. • n. 1. liquid that makes something damp: I could feel the wet of his tears. ∎  (the wet) rainy weather: the race was held in the wet. ∎  a person opposed to the prohibition of alcoholic beverages. 2. Brit., inf. a person lacking forcefulness or strength of character. PHRASES: all wet completely wrong.wet behind the ears inf. lacking experience; immature.wet through (or to the skin) with one's clothes soaked; completely drenched.wet one's whistle inf. have a drink.DERIVATIVES: wet·ly adv.wet·ness n.wet·ta·ble adj.wet·tish adj.

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wetabet, aiguillette, anisette, Annette, Antoinette, arête, Arlette, ate, baguette, banquette, barbette, barrette, basinet, bassinet, beget, Bernadette, beset, bet, Bette, blanquette, Brett, briquette, brochette, brunette (US brunet), Burnett, cadet, caravanette, cassette, castanet, cigarette (US cigaret), clarinet, Claudette, Colette, coquette, corvette, couchette, courgette, croquette, curette, curvet, Debrett, debt, dinette, diskette, duet, epaulette (US epaulet), flageolet, flannelette, forget, fret, galette, gazette, Georgette, get, godet, grisette, heavyset, Jeanette, jet, kitchenette, La Fayette, landaulet, launderette, layette, lazaret, leatherette, let, Lett, lorgnette, luncheonette, lunette, Lynette, maisonette, majorette, maquette, Marie-Antoinette, marionette, Marquette, marquisette, martinet, met, minaret, minuet, moquette, motet, musette, Nanette, net, noisette, nonet, novelette, nymphet, octet, Odette, on-set, oubliette, Paulette, pet, Phuket, picquet, pillaret, pincette, pipette, piquet, pirouette, planchette, pochette, quartet, quickset, quintet, regret, ret, Rhett, roomette, rosette, roulette, satinette, septet, serviette, sestet, set, sett, sextet, silhouette, soubrette, spinet, spinneret, statuette, stet, stockinet, sublet, suffragette, Suzette, sweat, thickset, threat, Tibet, toilette, tret, underlet, upset, usherette, vedette, vet, vignette, vinaigrette, wagonette, wet, whet, winceyette, yet, Yvette •quodlibet • alphabet •ramjet, scramjet •propjet • turbojet • etiquette • outlet •triolet • calumet • cermet

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wet adj. From XIV. repr. pp. of the vb. wet, repl. wēt (mod. dial. weet) in standard Eng., from OE. (WS.) wǣt, (Angl.) wēt = On. vátr, based on the lengthened stem of WATER.
So sb. and vb., with shortening of vowel of OE. wǣt, wǣtan, ME. weet(e).

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WET West(ern) European Time

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