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toss / tôs; täs/ • v. 1. [tr.] throw (something) somewhere lightly, easily, or casually: Suzy tossed her bag onto the sofa | she tossed me a box of matches. ∎  [tr.] (of a horse) throw (a rider) off its back. ∎  [tr.] throw (a coin) into the air in order to make a decision between two alternatives, based on which side of the coin faces up when it lands: we could just toss a coin. ∎  [tr.] settle a matter with (someone) by doing this: I'll toss you for it. ∎  move or cause to move from side to side or back and forth: [intr.] the tops of the olive trees swayed and tossed | [tr.] the yachts were tossed around in the harbor like toys | [as adj. in comb.] (-tossed) a storm-tossed sea. ∎  [tr.] jerk (one's head or hair) sharply backward: Paula pursed her lips and tossed her head. ∎  [tr.] shake or turn (food) in a liquid, so as to coat it lightly: toss the pasta in the sauce. 2. [tr.] inf. search (a place): I could demand her keys and toss her office. • n. an action or instance of tossing something: a defiant toss of her head the toss of a coin. ∎  (the toss) the action of tossing a coin as a method of deciding which team has the right to make a particular decision at the beginning of a game: we'd win the toss and keep the ball. PHRASES: toss one's cookies inf. vomit. tossing the cabersee caber.PHRASAL VERBS: toss something off 1. drink something rapidly or all at once: Roger tossed off a full glass of Sauternes. 2. produce something rapidly or without thought or effort: some of the best letters are tossed off in a burst of inspiration. DERIVATIVES: toss·er n.

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tossacross, boss, Bros, cos, cross, crosse, doss, dross, emboss, en brosse, floss, fosse, gloss, Goss, joss, Kos, lacrosse, loss, moss, MS-DOS, Ross, toss •LaosÁyios Nikólaos, chaos •Eos • Helios •Chios, Khíos •Lesbos • straw boss • Phobos • rooibos •extrados • kudos • reredos • intrados •Calvados • Argos • Lagos • logos •Marcos • telos •Delos, Melos •Byblos • candyfloss •tholos, Vólos •bugloss • omphalos • Pátmos •Amos, Deimos, Sámos •Demos • peatmoss • cosmos • Los Alamos • Lemnos • Hypnos • Minos •Mykonos • tripos • topos • Atropos •Ballesteros, pharos, Saros •Imbros • criss-cross • rallycross • Eros •albatross • monopteros • Dos Passos •Náxos • Hyksos • Knossos • Santos •benthos •bathos, pathos •ethos • Kórinthos

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toss throw or pitch about (in earliest use freq. of the sea). XVI. of unkn. orig.

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