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string·er / ˈstringər/ • n. 1. a longitudinal structural piece in a framework, esp. that of a ship or aircraft. 2. inf. a newspaper correspondent not on the regular staff of a newspaper, esp. one retained on a part-time basis to report on events in a particular place. 3. a side of a staircase, which supports the treads and risers. 4. [in comb.] a sports player holding a specified position in an order of preference: a third-stringer on the football team.

views updated

stringerbanger, clanger, ganger, hangar, hanger, haranguer, Sanger, Stavanger •headbanger • doppelgänger •straphanger • cliffhanger •paperhanger •bringer, clinger, flinger, humdinger, pinger, ringer, singer, slinger, springer, stinger, stringer, swinger, winger, wringer, zinger •Schrödinger • mud-slinger •gunslinger • bell-ringer • klipspringer •Helsingor •prolonger, tonga, wronger •ponga

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