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splice / splīs/ • v. [tr.] join or connect (a rope or ropes) by interweaving the strands: we learned how to weave and splice ropes a cord was spliced on | fig. the work splices detail and generalization. ∎  join (pieces of timber, film, or tape) at the ends: commercials can be spliced in later I was splicing together a video from the footage on opium-growing. ∎  Genetics join or insert (a gene or gene fragment). • n. a union of two ropes, pieces of timber, or similar materials spliced together at the ends. DERIVATIVES: splic·er n.

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spliceadvice, bice, Brice, choc ice, concise, dice, entice, gneiss, ice, imprecise, lice, mice, nice, precise, price, rice, sice, slice, speiss, spice, splice, suffice, syce, thrice, trice, twice, underprice, vice, Zeiss •merchandise • paradise • sacrifice •packice • woodlice • fieldmice •titmice • dormice • allspice •cockatrice • edelweiss

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splice join or connect (a rope or ropes) by interweaving the strands at the ends; the word is recorded from the early 16th century, and by the mid 18th century the slang sense ‘to join in matrimony, to marry’ had developed.
splice the mainbrace in naval use, serve an extra ration of rum (the mainbrace was the brace attached to the main yard).

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splice join (ropes) by interweaving the strands XVI; join (two pieces of timber) by overlapping the ends XVII; (sl.) join in marriage XVIII. prob. — MDu. splissen

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