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patriot •peart •immediate, intermediate •idiot •collegiate, intercollegiate •orgeat • Eliot • affiliate •foliate, trifoliate •aculeate, Juliet •Uniate • opiate •chariot, Harriet, Judas Iscariot, lariat, Marryat •compatriot, expatriate, patriot •heriot, Herriot •commissariat, lumpenproletariat, proletariat, salariat, secretariat, vicariate •inebriate • Cypriot •baccalaureate, laureate, professoriate •appropriate • licentiate • satiate •initiate, novitiate, patriciate •associate • cruciate • Cheviot • soviet •roseate •Byatt, diet, quiet, riot, ryot, Wyatt •inchoate •Ewart, Stewart •Verwoerd •graduate, undergraduate •attenuate • situate •abbot, Cabot •Albert • lambert • Egbert • Delbert •filbert, Gilbert •halibut • celibate • Robert • Osbert •Norbert •Hubert, Schubert •Humbert • Cuthbert •burbot, Herbert, sherbet, turbot •Frankfort • effort • comfort

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pa·tri·ot / ˈpātrēət/ • n. 1. a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. 2. (Patriot) trademark an automated surface-to-air missile system designed for early detection and interception of missiles or aircraft. ∎  a missile deployed in this system. DERIVATIVES: pa·tri·ot·ism / -ˌtizəm/ n.

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patriot †compatriot XVI; (orig., as in F., with commendatory adj.) one whose ruling passion is the love of his country XVII. — F. patriote — late L. patriōta — Gr. patriṓtēs, f. pátrios of one's fathers, patris fatherland, sb. use of adj. ‘ancestral’, f. patḗr, patr- FATHER; see -OT.
So patriotic XVII. — late L. — Gr. patriōtikós. patriotism XVIII.