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in·her·it / inˈherit/ • v. (-her·it·ed , -her·it·ing ) [tr.] receive (money, property, or a title) as an heir at the death of the previous holder: she inherited a fortune from her father. ∎  derive (a quality, characteristic, or predisposition) genetically from one's parents or ancestors: she had inherited the beauty of her grandmother. ∎  receive or be left with (a situation, object, etc.) from a predecessor or former owner: spending commitments inherited from previous administrations. ∎  come into possession of (belongings) from someone else: she inherits all her clothes from her older sisters. ∎  archaic come into possession of (something) as a right (esp. in biblical translations and allusions): master, what must I do to inherit eternal life? DERIVATIVES: in·her·i·tor / -ˈheritər/ n.

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inherit •caret • Sanskrit • Prakrit •ferret, inherit, merit •egret • secret •dispirit, skirret, spirit •floret • pomfret • bowsprit •barbiturate •turret, worrit •culprit • floweret • Margaret •cellaret (US cellarette) •banneret, lanneret •hypocrite • preterite (US preterit) •Everett, leveret •favourite (US favorite) •interpret, misinterpret •basset, facet, tacet, tacit •Narragansett, transit •lancet •cresset, Knesset •exit • resit •complicit, elicit, explicit, illicit, implicit, licit, solicit •Tilsit • plebiscite • babysit • deficit •cosset, posset •Quonset • whatsit •corset, Dorset, faucet •gusset, russet •dulcet •tercet, verset •ashet • planchet • bullshit • Bastet •tomtit • bluetit

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inherit †make heir; take or receive as heir. XIV. ME. en(h)erite — OF. enheriter, f. EN-1 + hériter :- late L. hērēdītāre, f. hērēs, hērēd- HEIR.
So inheritance XIV. — AN. inheritor XV, inheritrix XVI.

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To receive property according to the state laws of intestate succession from a decedent who has failed to execute a valid will, or, where the term is applied in a more general sense, to receive the property of a decedent by will.

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