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dis·qual·i·fy / disˈkwäləˌfī/ • v. (-fies, -fied) [tr.] (often be disqualified) pronounce (someone) ineligible for an office or activity because of an offense or infringement: he was disqualified from driving for six months. ∎  eliminate (someone) from a competition because of an infringement of the rules: he was disqualified after failing a drug test. ∎  (of a feature or characteristic) make (someone) unsuitable for an office or activity: a heart murmur disqualified him for military service.

views updated


To deprive of eligibility or render unfit; to disable or incapacitate.

To be disqualified is to be stripped of legal capacity. A wife would be disqualified as a juror in her husband's trial for murder due to the nature of their relationship. A person may be disqualified for employment at a certain job because of a physical disability.

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