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con·tro·vert / ˈkäntrəˌvərt; ˌkäntrəˈvərt/ • v. [tr.] deny the truth of (something): subsequent work from the same laboratory controverted these results. ∎  argue about (something). DERIVATIVES: con·tro·vert·i·ble adj.

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controvertadvert, alert, animadvert, assert, avert, Bert, blurt, Burt, cert, chert, concert, controvert, convert, curt, desert, dessert, dirt, divert, exert, flirt, girt, hurt, inert, insert, introvert, Kurt, malapert, overt, pert, pervert, quirt, shirt, skirt, spirt, spurt, squirt, Sturt, subvert, vert, wort, yurt •Engelbert • Colbert • sweatshirt •nightshirt • pay dirt • Frankfurt •miniskirt • underskirt • expert •Blackshirt • redshirt • T-shirt •Brownshirt • undershirt • extrovert •ragwort • milkwort • pillwort •nipplewort • lungwort • bladderwort •liverwort

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controvert XVII. First in pp. and ppl. adj. controverted, replacing †controversed disputed, called in question — F. controversé, for earlier †controvers — L. contrōversus disputed, questionable, f. contrō-, var. of CONTRA- + versus, pp. of vertere turn.
So controversy XIV. — L. contrōversia (see -Y 3). controversial XVI. — late L. controversialist XVIII.

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To contest, deny, or take issue with.

A claim of reckless driving alleged in a plaintiff's complaint that initiates a lawsuit for negligence is controverted by the statements made in the defendant's answer that he or she was driving at a speed below the speed limit and was observing the rules of the road.

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