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be·queath / biˈkwē[unvoicedth]; -ˈkwē[voicedth]/ • v. [tr.] leave (a personal estate or one's body) to a person or other beneficiary by a will: he bequeathed his art collection to the town. ∎  pass (something) on or leave (something) to someone else: he is ditching the unpopular policies bequeathed to him. DERIVATIVES: be·queath·er n.

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To dispose ofpersonal propertyowned by a decedent at the time of death as a gift under the provisions of the decedent's will.

The term bequeath applies only to personal property. A testator, to give real property to someone in a testamentary provision, devises it. Bequeath is sometimes used as a synonym for devise.

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bequeath †utter, declare; assign (property), esp. by will. OE. becweðan, f. BE- + cweðan say; see QUOTH.

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bequeathbequeath, breathe, enwreathe, Meath, seethe, sheathe, teethe, wreathe

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