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ec·o·nom·ic / ˌekəˈnämik; ˌēkə-/ • adj. of or relating to economics or the economy: the government's economic policy. ∎  justified in terms of profitability: many organizations must become larger if they are to remain economic. ∎  requiring fewer resources or costing less money: solar power may provide a more economic solution. ∎  (of a subject) considered in relation to trade, industry, and the creation of wealth: economic history.

views updated

economicaerodynamic, balsamic, ceramic, cryptogamic, cycloramic, dynamic, hydrodynamic, Islamic, panoramic, psychodynamic, thermodynamic •Kalmyk, ophthalmic •chasmic, cytoplasmic, ectoplasmic, miasmic, orgasmic, phantasmic •karmic, psalmic •academic, alchemic, endemic, epidemic, pandemic, polemic, totemic •anaemic (US anemic), epistemic, systemic •bulimic, gimmick, metronymic, mimic, pantomimic, patronymic •filmic •eurhythmic, logarithmic, rhythmic •cataclysmic • seismic •agronomic, astronomic, atomic, comic, economic, ergonomic, gastronomic, metronomic, palindromic, physiognomic, subatomic, taxonomic, tragicomic •cosmic, macrocosmic, microcosmic •gnomic, monochromic, ohmic, photochromic •humic •hypodermic, taxidermic, thermic

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