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stereopticon •radon • Chalcedon • Proudhon •Mogadon • pteranodon • iguanodon •mastodon • chiffon • Ctesiphon •bouffant • balafon • Xenophon •Bellerophon •argon, Sargon •Dagon • woebegone • bygone •doggone, logon •dodecagon • Dijon • demijohn • ancon •archon • racon • Comecon • emoticon •stereopticon • icon • walk-on • neocon •Yukon • zircon • salon • Fablon •decathlon • Teflon • Dralon • Simplon •Babylon • papillon • propylon •epsilon • nylon • Orlon •eidolon, roll-on, Solon •mouflon • Ascalon • Ashqelon •echelon • Avalon •gnomon, Jomon


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stereopticon (stĕrēŏp´tĬkən), optical projection instrument making multiple use of the magic lantern. The magic lantern uses lenses to throw on a screen a magnified image from a transparent slide or from an opaque object such as a photograph or the page of a book. The stereopticon combines two or three magic lanterns to focus, in the same area of light on the screen or wall, dissolving views or combinations of images.