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ref·use1 / riˈfyoōz/ • v. [intr.] indicate or show that one is not willing to do something: I refused to answer.| [intr.] he was severely beaten when he refused. ∎  [tr.] indicate that one is not willing to accept or grant (something offered or requested): she refused a cigarette| the old lady was refused admission to four hospitals. ∎ inf. (of a thing) fail to perform a required action: the car refused to start. ∎  [tr.] decline to accept an offer of marriage from (someone): he's so conceited he'd never believe anyone would refuse him. ∎  [tr.] (of a horse) stop short or run alongside (a fence or other obstacle) instead of jumping it. DERIVATIVES: re·fus·er n. ref·use2 / ˈrefˌyoōs; -ˌyoōz/ • n. matter thrown away or rejected as worthless; trash: heaps of refuse | refuse collection.

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refuseabstruse, abuse, adduce, Ballets Russes, Belarus, Bruce, burnous, caboose, charlotte russe, conduce, deduce, deuce, diffuse, douce, educe, excuse, goose, induce, introduce, juice, Larousse, loose, luce, misuse, moose, mousse, noose, obtuse, Palouse, papoose, produce, profuse, puce, recluse, reduce, Rousse, seduce, sluice, Sousse, spruce, traduce, truce, use, vamoose, Zeus •cayuse • calaboose • mongoose •Aarhus • verjuice • couscous •footloose • ventouse • refuse •Odysseus • Idomeneus • hypotenuse •Syracuse

views updated

refuse †avoid; decline to accept or to do a thing; †renounce XIV; decline to grant XVI. — (O)F. refuser — Rom. *refūsāre, prob. alt. of L. recūsāre refuse, after refūtāre REFUTE.
Hence refusal (-AL2) XV. So refuse sb. rejected matter. XV. perh. — OF. refusé, pp. of refuser.

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