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ris·ing / ˈrīzing/ • adj. 1. going up; getting higher: the rising temperature. ∎  increasing: rising costs. ∎  advancing to maturity or high standing: the rising generation of American writers. ∎  approaching a higher level, grade, age, etc.: a rising senior at North Carolina State. ∎  (of ground) sloping upward. ∎  Astrol. (of a sign) ascendant. 2. Heraldry (of a bird) depicted with the wings open but not fully displayed, as if preparing for flight. • n. an armed protest against authority; a revolt.

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rising •pennyfarthing • plaything •silversmithing • anything •everything • northing • nothing •something • rebirthing • farthing •scathing • sheathing •tithing, writhing •southing • clothing • underclothing •Worthing • carving • woodcarving •delving •craving, engraving, paving, raving, saving, shaving •self-deceiving, unbelieving, weaving •living, misgiving, thanksgiving, unforgiving •skydiving • piledriving • coving •approving, reproving, unmoving •unloving •Irving, serving, unswerving •time-serving • lapwing • waxwing •batwing • redwing • lacewing •beeswing • forewing • downswing •outswing • viewing • upswing •underwing • phrasing • stargazing •trailblazing • hellraising • unpleasing •rising, surprising •self-aggrandizing • uncompromising •unpatronizing • uprising •enterprising • appetizing •Dowsing, housing •unimposing •amusing, confusing, musing

views updated

rising one's star is rising one is becoming more successful or popular.
a rising tide lifts all boats proverbial saying, mid 20th century, usually taken to mean that a prosperous society benefits everybody; in America the expression was particularly associated with John Fitzgerald Kennedy (1917–63), ‘As they say on my own Cape Cod, a rising tide lifts all boats. And a partnership, by definition, serves both partners, without domination or unfair advantage.’

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