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linearCampania, Catania, pannier •apnoea •Oceania, Tanya, Titania •biennia, denier, quadrennia, quinquennia, septennia, triennia •Albania, balletomania, bibliomania, crania, dipsomania, egomania, erotomania, kleptomania, Lithuania, Lusitania, mania, Mauritania, megalomania, miscellanea, monomania, nymphomania, Pennsylvania, Pomerania, pyromania, Rainier, Romania, Ruritania, Tasmania, Transylvania, Urania •Armenia, bergenia, gardenia, neurasthenia, proscenia, schizophrenia, senior, SloveniaAbyssinia, Bithynia, curvilinear, Gdynia, gloxinia, interlinear, Lavinia, linear, rectilinear, Sardinia, triclinia, Virginia, zinnia •insignia • Sonia • insomnia • Bosnia •California, cornea •Amazonia, ammonia, Antonia, Babylonia, begonia, bonier, Catalonia, catatonia, Cephalonia, Estonia, Ionia, Laconia, Livonia, Macedonia, mahonia, Patagonia, pneumonia, Rondônia, sinfonia, Snowdonia, valonia, zirconia •junior, petunia •hernia, journeyer

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lin·e·ar / ˈlinēər/ • adj. 1. arranged in or extending along a straight or nearly straight line: linear arrangements linear in shape linear movement. ∎  consisting of or predominantly formed using lines or outlines: simple linear designs. ∎  involving one dimension only: linear elasticity. ∎ Math. able to be represented by a straight line on a graph; involving or exhibiting directly proportional change in two related quantities: linear functions linear relationship. 2. progressing from one stage to another in a single series of steps; sequential: a linear narrative. DERIVATIVES: lin·e·ar·i·ty / ˌlinēˈarətē/ n. lin·e·ar·ly adv.

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linear Linear A the earlier of two related forms of writing discovered at Knossos in Crete between 1894 and 1901, found on tablets and vases dating from c.1700 to 1450 bc and still largely unintelligible.
Linear B a form of Bronze Age writing discovered on tablets in Crete, dating from c.1400 to 1200 bc. In 1952 it was shown by Michael Ventris and John Chadwick to be a syllabic script composed of linear signs, derived from Linear A and older Minoan scripts, representing a form of Mycenaean Greek.