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Riviera Region of se France and nw Italy, on the Mediterranean Sea, extending 370km (230mi) from Cannes, France, to La Spezia, Italy. Its spectacular scenery and mild climate make it a leading tourist centre. Resorts include Nice and Cannes in France, Monte Carlo in Monaco, and San Remo and Alassio in Italy. Products: flowers, olives, grapes, and citrus fruits.


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riv·i·er·a / ˌrivēˈe(ə)rə; riˈvye(ə)rə/ • n. a coastal region with a subtropical climate and vegetation, esp.: ∎  (the Riviera) a Mediterranean coastal region from Marseilles in France to La Spezia in Italy, noted for its beauty and climate, site of many resorts. See also Côte d'Azur.

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