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Vyatka (formerly Kirov) City and river port on the w bank of the Vyatka River, w Russia; capital of Kirov region. Founded as Khlynov in 1174, it was annexed by Ivan III in 1489. The city was renamed Vyatka in 1780 and then known as Kirov from 1934 to 1992. It has a 17th-century cathedral. Industries: metal products, agricultural machinery, meat processing, timber, leather, furs. Pop. (1992) 493,000.

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Vyatka (vyät´kə), river, c.850 mi (1,370 km) long, rising in the foothills of the central Urals, E European Russia, and flowing first N, then NW past the city of Kirov, and finally SE into the Kama River near Mamadysh. It is navigable below Kirov and is important for logging and fishing.

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Vyatka, city, Russia: see Kirov.

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