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1. Traditionally, an alphabetic index of the principal words in a book, such as the Bible or the complete works of Shakespeare, with a reference to the passage or passages in which each indexed word appears.

2. In COMPUTING, a comparable list of the words in a text or CORPUS of texts, created by means of a concordancing program. The set of occurrences of any word in the text can then be displayed or printed out in alphabetical order, the word shown in the centre of the screen or page, each token of its occurrence being preceded and followed by its co-text. If more co-text or the original source is required, the program can provide it. Such concordances are now widely used by lexicographers to check and refine the MEANINGS, COLLOCATIONS, and CONTEXTS of words that already are or may be entered in a DICTIONARY.


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con·cord·ance / kənˈkôrdns/ • n. 1. an alphabetical list of the words (esp. the important ones) present in a text, usually with citations of the passages concerned: a concordance to the Bible.2. formal agreement. ∎  Med. the inheritance by two related individuals (esp. twins) of the same genetic characteristic, such as susceptibility to a disease.• v. [tr.] [often as adj.] (concordanced) make a concordance of.


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concordance an alphabetical list of the words (especially the important ones) present in a text or body of texts, usually with citations of the passages concerned or with the context displayed on a computer screen.


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concordance (kŏn-kor-dănss) n. similarity of any physical characteristic that is found in both of a pair of twins.

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