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evangel (arch.) gospel. XIV. ME. evangile (later assim. to L.) — (O)F. évangile — ecclL. ēvangelium — Gr. euaggélion (in eccl. use) good news, (in classical Gr.) reward for bringing good news, pl. sacrifice on receiving good news, f. euággelos bringing good news, f. EU- + aggéllein announce.
So evangelic XV, now more usu. evangelical XVI. — ecclL. ēvangelicus — ecclGr. euaggelikós. evangelism XVII. evangelist writer of one of the four gospels XII; preacher of the gospel XIV. — (O)F. — ecclL. -ecclGr. evangelize †intr. XIV, trans. XVII. — ecclL. — ecclGr.

views updated

evangel •Tintagel • evangel • angel • archangel •brinjal • Nigel • cudgel

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