Sir George Prevost

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Sir George Prevost (prĕ´vō), 1767–1816, British soldier and governor in chief of Canada (1811–15). He held several administrative posts in the West Indies before becoming (1808) lieutenant governor of Nova Scotia. In 1811 he became governor in Canada and was conspicuous for his conciliation of the French Canadians. As commander in chief of the British forces in Canada in the War of 1812, he suffered public humiliation for the retreat at Sackets Harbor (1813) and the defeat at Plattsburgh (1814). He was recalled to England but died before his court-martial started. He was created baronet in 1805.

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Sacket's harbour, battle of, 1813. During the War of 1812, British and American forces struggled for control of Lake Ontario. In May 1813 Sir George Prevost, governor-general of Canada, launched an attack upon the American base at Sacket's harbour, at the east end of the lake, but was repulsed. Initial success was cancelled by Prevost's caution.

J. A. Cannon