views updated Jun 08 2018

radio- • comb. form 1. denoting radio waves or broadcasting: radio-controlled radiogram.2. Physics connected with rays, radiation, or radioactivity: radiogenic radiograph. ∎  denoting artificially prepared radioisotopes of elements: radio-cobalt.3. Anat. belonging to the radius in conjunction with some other part: radio-carpal.


views updated May 29 2018

radio- used as comb. form of RADIUS (cf. RAY1) (i)anat., as radio-carpal pert. to radius and carpus, (ii)pert. to X-rays and other forms of radiation, as radioactive, radiotelegraphy, radiology XIX.


views updated May 14 2018

radio- combining form denoting
1. radiation.

2. radioactive substances.