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sub·jec·tive / səbˈjektiv/ • adj. 1. based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions: his views are highly subjective there is always the danger of making a subjective judgment. Contrasted with objective. ∎  dependent on the mind or on an individual's perception for its existence. 2. Gram. of, relating to, or denoting a case of nouns and pronouns used for the subject of a sentence. • n. (the subjective) Gram. the subjective case. DERIVATIVES: sub·jec·tive·ly adv. sub·jec·tive·ness n. sub·jec·tiv·i·ty / ˌsəbjekˈtivitē/ n.

views updated

subjective (sub-jek-tiv) adj. apparent to the affected individual but not to others: applied particularly to symptoms.