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si·nus·oid / ˈsīnəˌsoid/ • n. 1. a curve having the form of a sine wave. 2. Anat. a small irregularly shaped blood vessel found in certain organs, esp. the liver. DERIVATIVES: si·nus·oi·dal / ˌsīnəˈsoidl/ adj. si·nus·oi·dal·ly / ˌsīnəˈsoidəlē/ adv.

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sinusoid (sy-new-soid) n. a small blood vessel found in certain organs, such as the adrenal gland and liver.

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sinusoid A tiny blood vessel or blood-filled space in an organ. Sinusoids replace capillaries in certain organs, notably the liver; they allow more direct contact between the blood and the tissue it is supplying.

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