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borderline •catchline • dragline • tramline •landline • strapline • chatline •carline •breadline, deadline, headline, redline •neckline • hemline • helpline •airline, hairline •saline • mainline •baseline, bassline, waistline •dateline •beeline, feline, treeline •streamline • slimline • sibylline •Adeline • bodyline • storyline •Catiline • aquiline •byline, skyline •guideline, sideline, tideline •lifeline • pipeline • sight line • hotline •jawline, Pauline, shoreline •outline •snowline, towline •coastline • clothesline • microcline •Fräulein • Ursuline • touchline •bloodline • plumb line • punchline •buntline • timberline • borderline •underline • alkaline • opaline •Caroline • coralline • crystalline •waterline • landmine • carmine •goldmine •calamine • melamine

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bord·er·line / ˈbôrdərˌlīn/ • n. a line marking a border. ∎ fig. a division between two distinct (often extreme) conditions: the borderline between ritual and custom. • adj. barely acceptable in quality or as belonging to a category; on the borderline: references may be requested in borderline cases.

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borderline (bor-der-lyn) adj. see emotionally unstable personality disorder.

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