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teas·er / ˈtēzər/ • n. 1. inf. a difficult or tricky question or task. 2. a person who makes fun of or provokes others in a playful or unkind way. ∎  a person who tempts someone sexually with no intention of satisfying the desire aroused. ∎  a short introductory advertisement for a product, esp. one that does not mention the name of the thing being advertised. ∎  Fishing a lure or bait trailed behind a boat to attract fish. ∎  an inferior stallion or ram used to excite mares or ewes before they are served by the stud animal.

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teaserBalthazar, Belshazzar, jazzer •bonanza, Braganza, Constanza, extravaganza, kwanza, organza, Panzer, stanza •parser, plaza, tabula rasa •Shevardnadze • dopiaza •Nebuchadnezzar • Demelza •cadenza, cleanser, credenza, influenza, Penza •appraiser, blazer, eraser, Fraser, gazer, glazer, grazer, laser, mazer, praiser, razor, salmanazar, Weser •stargazer • trailblazer • hellraiser •appeaser, Caesar, easer, Ebenezer, El Giza, freezer, geezer, geyser, Louisa, Pisa, seizer, squeezer, teaser, Teresa, Theresa, visa, wheezer •crowd-pleaser • stripteaser •fizzer, quizzer, scissor •Windsor