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bal·lade / bəˈläd/ • n. 1. a poem normally composed of three stanzas and an envoy. The last line of the opening stanza is used as a refrain, and the same rhymes, strictly limited in number, recur throughout.2. a short, lyrical piece of music, esp. one for piano.


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ballade (Fr.). Ballad. A term given by Chopin to a long, dramatic type of pf. piece, the mus. equivalent of a poetical ballad of the heroic type. He wrote 4—G minor, Op.23; F major, Op.38; A♭ major, Op.47; and F minor, Op.52. Brahms, Liszt, Grieg, Fauré, and others later used the title.


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ballade specific verse-form. XIV. Early (and modF.) form of BALLAD differentiated in application.

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