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de·clar·a·tive / diˈkle(ə)rətiv; -ˈklar-/ • adj. 1. of the nature of or making a declaration: declarative statements. ∎  Gram. (of a sentence or phrase) taking the form of a simple statement.2. Comput. denoting programming languages that can be used to solve problems without requiring the programmer to specify an exact procedure to be followed.• n. a statement in the form of a declaration. ∎  Gram. a declarative sentence or phrase.DERIVATIVES: de·clar·a·tive·ly adv.


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DECLARATIVE. In GRAMMAR, a term for the MOOD through which statements are made, in contrast with imperative, interrogative, and exclamative. Although declarative is often used interchangeably with statement, it is useful as a means of distinguishing the syntactic form of a sentence from its function: for example, the sentence You will do as I say is declarative in form, but functions as a command See INDICATIVE.

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