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drossacross, boss, Bros, cos, cross, crosse, doss, dross, emboss, en brosse, floss, fosse, gloss, Goss, joss, Kos, lacrosse, loss, moss, MS-DOS, Ross, toss •LaosÁyios Nikólaos, chaos •Eos • Helios •Chios, Khíos •Lesbos • straw boss • Phobos • rooibos •extrados • kudos • reredos • intrados •Calvados • Argos • Lagos • logos •Marcos • telos •Delos, Melos •Byblos • candyfloss •tholos, Vólos •bugloss • omphalos • Pátmos •Amos, Deimos, Sámos •Demos • peatmoss • cosmos • Los Alamos • Lemnos • Hypnos • Minos •Mykonos • tripos • topos • Atropos •Ballesteros, pharos, Saros •Imbros • criss-cross • rallycross • Eros •albatross • monopteros • Dos Passos •Náxos • Hyksos • Knossos • Santos •benthos •bathos, pathos •ethos • Kórinthos

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dross / drôs; dräs/ • n. something regarded as worthless; rubbish: there are bargains if you have the patience to sift through the dross. ∎  foreign matter, dregs, or mineral waste, in particular scum formed on the surface of molten metal. DERIVATIVES: dross·y adj.

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dross scum thrown off from metals in smelting OE.; dreggy matter, refuse XIV. OE. drōs = MDu. droes(e) dregs; cf. OE. drōsna (gen. pl.), MLG. drōsem, (M)Du. droesen(e) (Du. droesem), OHG. truosana (G. drusen) dregs, lees.

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