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dis·pos·al / disˈpōzəl/ • n. 1. the action or process of throwing away or getting rid of something: the disposal of radioactive waste. ∎  (also dis·pos·er) inf. an electrically operated device fitted to the waste pipe of a kitchen sink for grinding up food waste: garbage disposals that never worked. 2. the sale of shares, property, or other assets: the disposal of his shares in the company. 3. the arrangement or positioning of something: she brushed her hair carefully, as if her success lay in the sleek disposal of each gleaming black thread. PHRASES: at one's disposal available for one to use whenever or however one wishes: a helicopter was put at their disposal.

views updated

disposalbasil, bedazzle, dazzle, frazzle, razzle •damsel • razzle-dazzle • Basel •bezel, embezzle •Denzil •appraisal, hazel, nasal, phrasal •wych hazel •diesel, easel, teasel, weasel •chisel, drizzle, fizzle, frizzle, grizzle, mizzle, pizzle, sizzle, swizzle, twizzle •reprisal, revisal •nozzle, shemozzle •acausal, causal, clausal, menopausal, monocausal •arousal, carousal, espousal, spousal, tousle •disposal, proposal •accusal, bamboozle, foozle, ouzel, perusal, refusal •guzzle, muzzle, nuzzle, puzzle •mangel-wurzel