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dif·fus·er / diˈfyoōzər/ (also dif·fu·sor) • n. a thing that diffuses something, in particular: ∎  an attachment or duct for broadening an airflow and reducing its speed. ∎  Photog. a device that spreads the light from a light source evenly and reduces harsh shadows.

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diffuserbowser, browser, carouser, dowser, espouser, Mauser, rouser, trouser, wowser •rabble-rouser •composer, discloser, dozer, exposer, Mendoza, mimosa, opposer, ponderosa, poser, proposer, proser, Rosa, Somoza, Spinoza •bulldozer • Tannhäuser •abuser, accuser, boozer, bruiser, chooser, cruiser, diffuser, infuser, lollapalooza, loser, Marcuse, medusa, mezuzah, misuser, peruser, refuser, snoozer, Sousa, user, yakuza •battlecruiser • buzzer