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dif·fuse • v. / diˈfyoōz/ spread or cause to spread over a wide area or among a large number of people: [intr.] technologies diffuse rapidly | [tr.] the problem is how to diffuse power without creating anarchy. ∎  become or cause (a fluid, gas, individual atom, etc.) to become intermingled with a substance by movement, typically in a specified direction or at specified speed: [intr.] oxygen molecules diffuse across the membrane | [tr.] gas is diffused into the bladder. ∎  [tr.] cause (light) to glow faintly by dispersing it in many directions. • adj. / diˈfyoōs/ spread out over a large area; not concentrated: the diffuse community centered on the church the light is more diffuse. ∎  (of disease) not localized in the body: diffuse hyperplasia. ∎  lacking clarity or conciseness: the second argument is more diffuse. DERIVATIVES: dif·fuse·ly / -ˈfyoōslē/ adv. dif·fuse·ness / -ˈfyoōsnis/ n.

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diffuseabstruse, abuse, adduce, Ballets Russes, Belarus, Bruce, burnous, caboose, charlotte russe, conduce, deduce, deuce, diffuse, douce, educe, excuse, goose, induce, introduce, juice, Larousse, loose, luce, misuse, moose, mousse, noose, obtuse, Palouse, papoose, produce, profuse, puce, recluse, reduce, Rousse, seduce, sluice, Sousse, spruce, traduce, truce, use, vamoose, Zeus •cayuse • calaboose • mongoose •Aarhus • verjuice • couscous •footloose • ventouse • refuse •Odysseus • Idomeneus • hypotenuse •Syracuse •abuse, accuse, adieux, amuse, bemuse, billets-doux, blues, booze, bruise, choose, Clews, confuse, contuse, cruise, cruse, Cruz, diffuse, do's, Druze, effuse, enthuse, excuse, fuse (US fuze), Hughes, incuse, interfuse, lose, Mahfouz, mews, misuse, muse, news, ooze, Ouse, perfuse, peruse, rhythm-and-blues, ruse, schmooze, snooze, suffuse, Toulouse, transfuse, trews, use, Vaduz, Veracruz, who's, whose, youse •Andrews •Matthews • circumfuse • Syracuse •purlieux

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diffuse †confused, indistinct XV; opp. of confined and condensed XVIII. — F. diffus (fem. -use) or L. diffūsus extensive, ample, prolix, pp. of diffundere pour out, f. DIF- + fundere pour.
So diffuse vb. XVI. f. diffūs-, pp. stem of L. diffundere. diffusion †outpouring XIV; spreading abroad XVI; permeation of a fluid by another XVIII. — L.

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