views updated Jun 27 2018

dif·fer / ˈdifər/ • v. [intr.] be unlike or dissimilar: the second set of data differed from the first | tastes differ | [as adj.] (differing) widely differing circumstances. ∎  disagree: he differed from his contemporaries in ethical matters.PHRASES: agree to differ cease to argue about something because neither party will compromise or be persuaded.beg to differ politely disagree: that's your opinion—I beg to differ.


views updated May 18 2018

differ XIV. — (O)F. differer
i. put off, DEFER,

ii. be different — L. differre, f. DIF- + ferre, carry, BEAR 2.

So different, difference XIV. — (O)F. — L. differential XVII. differentiate, differentiation XIX. — medL.