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differchaffer, gaffer, Jaffa, kafir, Staffaalfalfa, alpha, Balfour, Wadi Halfacamphor, chamfer •Luftwaffe •laugher, staffer •heifer, zephyr •chafer, trefa, wafer •cockchafer •feoffor, reefer •differ, sniffer •pilfer • titfer • umbellifer • Jennifer •conifer • apocrypha • thurifer •crucifer, Lucifer •Potiphar • aquifer •cipher, encipher, fifer, Haifa, knifer, lifer •coffer, cougher, Offa, offer, proffer, quaffer, scoffer •golfer • phosphor • Forfar • Altdorfer •chauffeur, gofer, goffer, gopher, loafer, Nuku'alofa, Ophir, shofar, sofa •Fraunhofer •hoofer, loofah, opera buffa, roofer, spoofer, tufa, woofer •waterproofer •bluffer, buffer, duffer, puffer, snuffer, suffer •sulphur (US sulfur) • telegrapher •calligrapher, serigrapher •autobiographer, bibliographer, biographer, cartographer, choreographer, cinematographer, crystallographer, geographer, Hagiographa, hagiographer, iconographer, lexicographer, lithographer, oceanographer, palaeographer (US paleographer), photographer, pornographer, radiographer, stenographer, topographer, typographer •philosopher, theosopher •metaphor • Christopher • surfer •Bonhoeffer • windsurfer

views updated

dif·fer / ˈdifər/ • v. [intr.] be unlike or dissimilar: the second set of data differed from the first | tastes differ | [as adj.] (differing) widely differing circumstances. ∎  disagree: he differed from his contemporaries in ethical matters. PHRASES: agree to differ cease to argue about something because neither party will compromise or be persuaded. beg to differ politely disagree: that's your opinion—I beg to differ.

views updated

differ XIV. — (O)F. differer
i. put off, DEFER,

ii. be different — L. differre, f. DIF- + ferre, carry, BEAR 2.

So different, difference XIV. — (O)F. — L. differential XVII. differentiate, differentiation XIX. — medL.

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