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con·ceive / kənˈsēv/ • v. [tr.] (often be conceived) 1. become pregnant with (a child): she was conceived when her father was 49. ∎  [intr.] (of a woman) become pregnant: five months ago Wendy conceived. 2. form or devise (a plan or idea) in the mind: the project was originally conceived in 1977 | [as adj.] (conceived) a brilliantly conceived robbery. ∎  form a mental representation of; imagine: without society an individual cannot be conceived as having rights| [intr.] we could not conceive of such things happening to us. ∎  become affected by (a feeling).

views updated

conceiveachieve, believe, breve, cleave, conceive, deceive, eve, greave, grieve, heave, interleave, interweave, khedive, leave, misconceive, naive, Neve, peeve, perceive, reave, receive, reive, relieve, reprieve, retrieve, sheave, sleeve, steeve, Steve, Tananarive, Tel Aviv, thieve, underachieve, upheave, weave, we've, Yves •make-believe • shirtsleeve •semibreve • Congreve

views updated

conceive become pregnant (with) XIII; take into the mind XIV; formulate in words XVI. — OF. conceiv-, tonic stem of concevoir, for *conceivre :- L. concipere take to oneself, etc. f. CON- + capere take.
So conceivable XVI.