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com·pli·ment • n. / ˈkämpləmənt/ a polite expression of praise or admiration: she paid me an enormous compliment.. ∎  an act or circumstance that implies praise or respect: it's a compliment to the bride to dress up on her special day. ∎  (compliments) congratulations or praise expressed to someone: my compliments on your cooking. ∎  (compliments) greetings or regards, esp. when sent as a message. • v. / ˈkämpləˌment/ [tr.] politely congratulate or praise (someone) for something. ∎  praise (something) politely. ∎  (compliment someone with) archaic present someone with (something) as a mark of courtesy. PHRASES: pay one's compliments send or express formal greetings. return the compliment give a compliment in return for another. with someone's compliments (or the compliments of) used to express the fact that what one is giving is free: all drinks will be supplied with our compliments.

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compliment ceremonious tribute of courtesy, esp. polite phrase of commendation XVII; pl. formal greetings XVIII. — F. — It. complimento, repr. Rom. *complimentum, for L. complementum COMPLEMENT.

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