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clutterexploiter, goitre (US goiter), loiter, reconnoitre (US reconnoiter), Reuter •anointer, appointer, jointer, pointer •cloister, hoister, oyster, roister •accoutre (US accouter), commuter, computer, disputer, hooter, looter, neuter, pewter, polluter, recruiter, refuter, rooter, saluter, scooter, shooter, souter, suitor, tooter, transmuter, tutor, uprooter •booster, rooster •doomster • freebooter • sharpshooter •peashooter • six-shooter •troubleshooter • prosecutor •persecutor • prostitutor •telecommuter •footer, putter •Gupta • Worcester • Münster •pussyfooter • executor •contributor, distributor •collocutor, interlocutor •abutter, aflutter, butter, Calcutta, clutter, constructor, cutter, flutter, gutter, mutter, nutter, scutter, shutter, splutter, sputter, strutter, stutter, utter •abductor, conductor, destructor, instructor, obstructor •insulter •Arunta, Bunter, chunter, Grantha, grunter, Gunter, hunter, junta, punter, shunter •corrupter, disrupter, interrupter •sculptor •adjuster, Augusta, bluster, buster, cluster, Custer, duster, fluster, lustre (US luster), muster, thruster, truster •huckster • Ulster • dumpster •funster, Munster, punster •funkster, youngster •gangbuster • filibuster • blockbuster •semiconductor • headhunter •woodcutter •lacklustre (US lackluster)

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clut·ter / ˈklətər/ • n. a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass: the attic is full of clutter. ∎  [in sing.] an untidy state: the room was in a clutter of smelly untidiness. • v. [tr.] crowd (something) untidily; fill with clutter: his apartment was cluttered with paintings and antiques luggage cluttered up the hallway.

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clutter †clotted mass XVI; confused mass or crowd, noisy turmoil, confused noise XVII. var. of †clotter (XIV), †clodder (XV), f. CLOT, CLOD; see -ER 4; assoc. to some extent with cluster and clatter.
So as vb. XVI.

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a confused collection; a clotted mass; a crowded and confused group; a collection. See also clowder.

Examples: clutter of bodies, 1674; of business, 1649; of cats; of citations, 1666; of consonants, 1791; of narrow crooked, dark, and dirty lanes, 1792; of drops against the glass, 1841; of spiders; of thick and deep grass, 1670.

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