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cleft •Taft •abaft, aft, craft, daft, draft, draught, engraft, graft, haft, kraft, raft, shaft, understaffed, unstaffed, waft •backdraft • handcraft • aircraft •stagecraft • spacecraft • statecraft •needlecraft • priestcraft • witchcraft •kingcraft • handicraft • woodcraft •Wollstonecraft • bushcraft •watercraft • hovercraft • crankshaft •camshaft • layshaft • driveshaft •turboshaft • countershaft •bereft, cleft, deft, eft, heft, klepht, left, reft, theft, weft •adrift, drift, gift, grift, lift, rift, shift, shrift, sift, squiffed, swift, thrift, uplift •airlift, chairlift, stairlift •facelift • skilift • shoplift • Festschrift •spendthrift • spindrift • snowdrift •makeshift • downshift • upshift •aloft, croft, loft, oft, soft, toft •hayloft • Ashcroft • Cockcroft •undercroft • Lowestoft •tuft, unstuffed •Delft

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cleft1 / kleft/ • past and past participle of cleave1 . • adj. split, divided, or partially divided into two: a cleft chin. cleft2 • n. a fissure or split, esp. one in rock or the ground. ∎  a vertical indentation in the middle of a person's forehead or chin. ∎  a deep division between two parts of the body.

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cleft fissure, split. XIII. Earliest form clift (cf. OE. -clyft, OHG. kluft; f. base of CLEAVE1); the present form, due to assim. to cleft, pp. of CLEAVE 1, dates from XVI.

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a group of stars [modern].

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