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boggledraggle, gaggle, haggle, raggle-taggle, straggle, waggle •algal •angle, bangle, bespangle, dangle, entangle, fandangle, jangle, mangel, mangle, spangle, strangle, tangle, wangle, wide-angle, wrangle •triangle • quadrangle • rectangle •pentangle • right angle • gargle •bagel, finagle, Hegel, inveigle, Schlegel •beagle, eagle, illegal, legal, paralegal, regal, spread eagle, viceregal •porbeagle •giggle, higgle, jiggle, niggle, sniggle, squiggle, wiggle, wriggle •commingle, cringle, dingle, Fingal, intermingle, jingle, mingle, shingle, single, swingle, tingle •prodigal • madrigal • warrigal •surcingle • Christingle •boggle, goggle, joggle, synagogal, toggle, woggle •diphthongal, Mongol, pongal •hornswoggle •bogle, mogul, ogle •Bruegel •bugle, frugal, fugal, google •Dougal, Mughal •Portugal • conjugal •juggle, smuggle, snuggle, struggle •bungle, fungal, jungle •McGonagall • astragal •burghal, burgle, Fergal, gurgle

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bog·gle / ˈbägəl/ • v. [intr.] inf. (of a person or a person's mind) be astonished or overwhelmed when trying to imagine something: the mind boggles at the spectacle. ∎  [tr.] cause (a person or a person's mind) to be astonished in such a way: the inflated salary of a CEO boggles the mind

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boggle start with fright (formerly often of horses) XVI; demur, hesitate XVII. prob. f. dial. boggle (see BOGEY) as if orig. ‘to see a boggle or spectre’.

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