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bawlall, appal (US appall), awl, Bacall, ball, bawl, befall, Bengal, brawl, call, caul, crawl, Donegal, drawl, drywall, enthral (US enthrall), fall, forestall, gall, Galle, Gaul, hall, haul, maul, miaul, miscall, Montreal, Naipaul, Nepal, orle, pall, Paul, pawl, Saul, schorl, scrawl, seawall, Senegal, shawl, small, sprawl, squall, stall, stonewall, tall, thrall, trawl, wall, waul, wherewithal, withal, yawl •carryall • blackball • handball •patball • hardball • netball • baseball •paintball • speedball • heelball •meatball • stickball • pinball • spitball •racquetball • basketball • volleyball •eyeball, highball •oddball • softball • mothball •korfball • cornball •lowball, no-ball, snowball •goalball •cueball, screwball •goofball • stoolball • football •puffball • punchball • fireball •rollerball • cannonball • butterball •catchall • bradawl • holdall • Goodall

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bawl / bôl/ • v. 1. shout or call out noisily and unrestrainedly: “Move!” bawled the drill sergeant [tr.] lustily bawling out the hymns 2. [intr.] weep or cry noisily: she began to bawl like a child [as adj.] (bawling) bawling babies. • n. a loud, unrestrained shout. PHRASAL VERBS: bawl someone out reprimand someone angrily: tales of how she bawled out employees.

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bawl †bark; cry vociferously. XV. cf. medL. baulāre bark; also Icel. baula (Sw. böla) low, as an ox.

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