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back·stage / ˈbakˈstāj/ • n. the area in a theater out of view of the audience, esp. in the wings or dressing rooms. • adj. of, relating to, or situated in the area behind the stage in a theater. ∎ fig. kept from public scrutiny; secret: backstage deals. • adv. in or to the backstage area in a theater. ∎ fig. not known to the public; in secret: we planned our strategies backstage.

views updated

backstageage, assuage, backstage, cage, downstage, engage, enrage, gage, gauge, mage, multistage, offstage, onstage, Osage, page, Paige, rage, rampage, sage, stage, swage, under-age, upstage, wage •greengage • ribcage • birdcage •teenage • saxifrage • outrage •space-age